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DevOps Automation Through AWS

Technology is constantly evolving. One area of evolution is in DevOps, where small teams of engineers have become critically important to how well a variety of companies compete. Observian helps companies to adopt new strategies that allow their Software Engineering teams to focus on solving business problems rather than delivering code.

Downtime and repetition cost money. The solution: Automation through Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

Continuous integration (CI) means a build is automatically triggered when a developer checks in code. Continuous delivery (CD) takes this further: after a build and automated tests are successful, the application is automatically deployed to an environment where more in-depth testing is done.

Using AWS, we’ll help you minimize the cost of maintaining a test environment because you only pay for the environment resources if you're using them. Your CD process can set up the test environment when you need it, and you can take down the environment when you're done.

Observian partners with Orchestration companies, such as Chef, whose tools allow you automate tasks within a cohesive workflow, follow permissions and policy enforcement, and meet critical team goals.

  • Continuous integration, delivery, automation, testing, monitoring, and collaboration.

  • Increase collaboration, flexibility, and productivity between IT Teams.

  • Speed up fixes and go-to-market processes.

  • Shorten testing and delivery cycles.

  • Streamline operations, better allocate resources, and save money.
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