Azure Consulting Services

Observian has partnered with Microsoft to bring digital transformation to your business.

Azure Partner Benefits

Why should you use a certified Azure partner?
  • Expert Azure Support
  • Proof of Concept Credits
  • Custom Azure Workshops
  • Architecture & Security Assessments
  • Customer Events
  • Free Tooling & Software Products

Whether you are new to the cloud or a seasoned cloud enterprise, we’re confident we can provide the resources you need to improve your cloud experience with Azure. With a focus on Digital Transformation, our goal is to help you develop repeatable and automated cloud solutions while educating and supporting your teams needs. We will keep you up to date on the Microsoft and Partner Software ecosystem so you can stay on the cutting edge of development and cloud operations. We can help you Do Cloud Better.

Azure Cloud Migration

Observian provides deep Azure knowledge and hands-on experience building, migrating, and optimizing cloud architectures. We can walk you through step by step what it takes to accomplish a cloud migration.

Certified Azure Experts

We’ve been there, done that with Azure and all things Microsoft. We can help you avoid common pitfalls that cost you time and money. Not only does our staff understand Azure Architecture, but the majority have an extensive background in C#, .NET and .NET Core. Our team of certified Azure experts can help guide you through any part of your journey in the cloud.

Azure Security Audit

Protect your data, network, and applications with the help from our security experts and through our network of security software partners. Observian can help you gain a clear understanding of the overall Security Posture of your Azure account(s) and see how you stack up against NIST, HIPAA, GDPR Readiness, SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS compliance.