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FREE Until Sept. 30, 2020

Google and Observian have partnered up to offer Drive Enterprise + Meet + Chat for FREE! New business and public sector customers can utilize the Google Collaboration tools until September 30, 2020 without ever making a payment.


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Google Drive Enterpise

Google Drive Enterpise

  • Create and edit documents directly from Drive Enterprise(including Word and Excel files)
  • Share files of all types and sizes with specific users
  • Control who can Edit or View your shared files
  • Store valuable documents in the cloud for constant access
Google Meet

Google Meet

  • Host 250 users in a single meeting
  • Record meetings and save recordings to Drive Enterprise
  • Automatically create call-in links
Google Chat

Google Chat

  • Host context aware conversations with team members
  • Share documents and start meetings from a single place
  • Quickly message individuals inside and outside your organisation

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Save Up To$92,000Per Year*
*Based on Microsoft Office 365 pricing of $35 per user and Google pricing of $12 per user.

What Does Observian Provide as a Google Cloud Partner?

As a G Suite partner, we provide technical support for G Suite products and administration atNO COSTto you. With our built-in G Suite migration, switching from Office 365 is simple, and Observian is here to help with every step along the way. Our goal is to make your use of Google products as easy and seamless as possible.

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