Data Retention & Security For Saas Applications

Observian’s Managed Productivity offering ensures your company always has the tools and data it needs to stay active and productive.
All starting at $7 per user monthly.

  • Installation & Setup Included.
  • We Monitor, Review & Support.
  • You Save Money & Time.

Admin level support of managed systems

Monthly IT State Review

Quarterly Security Audit of managed systems to identify areas in need of additional security measures

Discounted Professional Services hourly rate for SaaS related projects

  • Protection from Malicious and Accidental data deletion
  • Data Restore
  • Unlimited Storage Per User
  • SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Advanced Spam Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention and Content Filtering
  • Automated End-to-End Email Encryption
  • Security Awareness Testing and Training

Package Options

These packages are in addition to your monthly office or workspace subscription.

If you don’t currently have a Google Workspace or Microsoft Office subscription, get discounted licensing with Observian - Office 365 | Google Workspace

$7.75Software Only

$7 / User


Observian Support

  • Admin level support of managed systems
  • Monthly Review
  • Quarterly Security Audit
  • Discounted Professional Services
  • Discounted Licensing

Datto Infinite Cloud Retention

  • Granular restore and export
  • Automated Continuous Backup
  • On-Demand Backup
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Infinite Data Retention
  • Cross User Restore
  • Retain inactive/deleted user data

Proofpoint Security Awareness

  • Phishing Simulations
  • End User Training Programs
  • Automatic Training Enrollment

Proofpoint Essentials

  • Available End User Portal
  • Emergency Inbox
  • Email spooling
  • Instant Replay
  • Intuitive Management Portal
  • Reporting
  • Email Logs
  • Anti Virus
  • Spam Filtering
  • Outbound Filtering
  • Imposter Email Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • URL Defense
  • Attachment Defense
$8.75Software Only

$8 / User



  • Advanced Attachment Defense
  • End-to-End Email Encryption
  • Social Media Account Protection
Most Common
$10.33Software Only

$9 / User


Email Archiving

  • Tamper Proof
  • Offsite
  • Search and eDiscovery
  • Unlimited Storage up to 10 years

Don’t see a package that fits your needs? We can work with you to create a package for your unique needs.

Yes - you need this.

Or at least some variation of this to ensure your company is protected. Observian has put together a package that covers all the bases you need with best in class products & support at a discounted price.

SAAS (Office 365 / Google Workspaces) RESPONSIBILITY

Software Failure

Hardware Failure

Power Outage

Natural Disaster

Your Responsibility

Human Error

Malicious Insiders

Data Retention

Malware / Viruses