Alert Logic

As a leader in security and compliance solutions for the cloud, Alert Logic® provides Security-as-a-Service for on premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. By doing so, they deliver deep security insight and continuous protection for customers at a lower cost than traditional security solutions. Together with Observian, Alert Logic® gives our customers the best cloud security solutions.

Cloud Security Software Features

Fully managed by a team of experts, the Alert Logic® Security-as-a-Service solution provides a variety of features.

  • Network Protection

  • System Protection

  • Web Application Protection

  • Stores Petabytes of Data

  • Analyzes Over 400 Million Events

  • Identifies over 50,000 Security Incidents Per Month

In addition, each account is managed by our 24x7 Security Operations Center. Alert Logic® and Observian together bring you peace of mind and quality online threat monitoring services.

Manage Security and Compliance in One Place

Alert Logic® provides you with both compliance experts and security professionals all in one. Protecting your company’s security starts with threat detection and fast responses. Did you know that most companies only investigate less than four percent of all threats? Alert Logic® is here to fill that gap with a quality platform, state-of-the-art threat intelligence, and experts defending your security.

In addition, Alert Logic® also makes compliance simple. By providing your company with leading practices that make your business compliant, we enhance your security as well. Compliance is crucial in keeping data safe, reducing risk of security vulnerabilities, and easily working with any changing requirements.

Alert Logic® Gives You Peace of Mind

Since Alert Logic’s® founding in 2002, they have partnered with leading cloud platforms and hosting providers to protect over 3,800 organizations worldwide. Alert Logic is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices in Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Cardiff, Belfast, London, and Cali, Colombia. With a worldwide reach, Alert Logic is one of the leaders in cloud security solutions. Along with Observian’s cloud services, Alert Logic is here to help keep your company safe.

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