At Armor, they help companies around the globe stay secure and compliant. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity in the cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments, they protect businesses’ data workloads and applications. Armor does this by integrating hard-to-find security talent, best-of-breed security technologies, and proven battle-tested cybersecurity techniques. Their unique, managed approach is powered by their proprietary threat prevention and response platform, Spartan, and backed by nearly a decade of cyber threat intelligence and research by highly experienced security teams. Together with Observian, you’ll feel more secure than ever with Armor’s cloud security software.

What to Expect With Cloud Security Software

In addition to the services Observian provides, such as cloud migration, disaster recovery, cost optimization, Armor takes your cloud to the next level. They provide three key features that give you optimal cloud security: 

  • Protection – With a threat prevention and response platform that blocks 99.99% of security threats, attackers won’t even get close to your network. 

  • Detection – In less than a day. Armor can detect nearly any security threat. Compared to the industry average of 125 days, it’s safe to say that your cloud is protected. 

  • Response – Armor will always keep you in the loop about what’s happening with your cybersecurity, and they won’t stop until it’s safe. 

With Armor’s Security-as-a-Service, your life is simplified and your information is protected. Through proactive threat management, managed security, and experience in cybersecurity, Armor and Observian work hard to ensure that your data is safe.

Observian is Proud to Be an Armor Cloud Security Partner

Keep your information safe in the cloud with Observian and Armor. As partners, Observian is dedicated to protecting your information, and as an Armor cloud security partner, we are even better equipped to do so.

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