Using Chef technology for Cloud Orchestration With Observian

Chef Automate provides enterprise capabilities that let you do even more with Chef. Chef’s technology includes a continuous deployment pipeline for infrastructure and applications, automated testing for compliance and security, as well as dashboards and reports for troubleshooting, auditing and configuration management.

Make better, faster deployment decisions by putting reliable and timely information at the fingertips of decision makers. Achieve safety and velocity with Chef Automate.

What is Chef Automate?

Chef Automate is yet another extremely powerful tool from the Seattle-based tech firm Chef.  Chef specializes in cloud solutions for businesses of any size, which makes them the perfect partner with Observian.

The name of the game in cloud computing is orchestration.  Cloud orchestration is the process that controls the way your cloud ebbs and flows.

Chef Automate brings the best orchestration technology to your business by seamlessly interlocking your cloud integrations.  By automating immensely complicated processes, synchronizing your system configurations, and offering unmatched observability of permissions and actions, Chef Automate is your go-to for boosting operational efficiency and minimizing issues with your cloud integrations.

How can Observian + Chef Automate Partnership help your business?

Cloud computing has been one of the powerhouses behind aggressive business growth for the last few years.  As we know, when it comes to computing for the modern business, every millisecond counts. Chef Automate brings you ease-of-use and fast synchronization in order to maximize your time savings.

Observian optimizes Chefs configuration management by giving you the planning, education, and implementation you need in order to do cloud computing right.  Save time and effort with Observian + Chef. To get started, set up a free conversation with one of our specialists.  They’ll hook you up!

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