Delivering the industry’s first True Cost Engine™, Cloudability analyzes 17 raw data feeds to account for every discount, credit, and reservation. With one simple cloud asset management tool, you can combine IT, finance, and business together to take total control of your company’s finances. The flexibility of the cloud can make this difficult to control, but with Cloudability and Observian together, it’s simpler than ever.

How Cloud Cost Optimization Works

Cloudability’s monitoring tools ensure you always know what you’re spending, what you’re using, and when things are changing. But how exactly does this work? Cloud cost optimization means you will no longer waste money paying for excess resources and instead use that money to keep your company growing. Cloudability does this through features like:

  • Automation

  • Rightsizing

  • FinOps Services

  • Workload Placement

  • Reserved Instance Planning

Cloudability and Observian make your cloud experience as easy and efficient as possible. Get the most out of your cloud with our combined services!

Cloud Asset Management and Your Business

By using Cloudability and Observian, your business will see cloud success from migration through your continued improvement and growth. With cloud asset management, you are able to segment your spending by department, business unit, product, or environment so everyone can get the cost allocation reports they need, when they need them. Through enhanced visibility, you’ll be able to use these tools for better cost allocation and reservation coverage, reporting, and amortization. So, start managing your costs, and business overall, easily with the cloud thanks to Observian and Cloudability.

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