Manage your Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud investments and quickly optimize spend, eliminate waste, and improve security and compliance with CloudCheckr and Observian. The CloudCheckr CMP helps modern enterprises manage and optimize their public cloud. Streamline your cloud asset management with CloudCheckr.

Cloud Management Platform Features

Complexity becomes clear with CloudCheckr’s cloud management platform. CloudCheckr includes features such as:

Cost and Expense Management

CloudCheckr allows you to track your costs and expenses carefully. With this tool, you can create and schedule invoices and billing, manage expenses, and learn how to optimize your company’s spending.

Asset inventory

This feature allows you to track inventory, aggregate metrics, and look into analytics meticulously. With these metrics and tools safely in the cloud, you can look into your business any time.

Security and Compliance

Track users and permissions across different platforms, fulfill compliance needs, and unify logs in one place. The security and compliance feature allows you to track what you want and need for your business.

Self-Healing Automation

Automate the cloud with automatic snapshots, continuous monitoring, and cost optimization to keep your company and cloud running smoothly.

Resource Utilization

With comprehensive analytics, actionable insights, and integrated best practices, you will always be up-to-date on what’s happening with your business. CloudCheckr gives you the complete picture and an easy breakdown so you know exactly where to take action.

CloudCheckr is an all-in-one cloud asset management system that is designed to make every aspect of your business and the cloud more understandable.

Proud to Be a CloudCheckr Partner

As a CloudCheckr partner, Observian helps you manage your cloud and provides tools to keep the process running as smoothly as possible. As a multi-cloud management platform, CloudCheckr enables your business to save money and ensure governance at scale. Take your business to the next level with Observian and CloudCheckr.

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