See across systems, apps, and services

With turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full devops stack.

  • SaaS and Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP

  • Automation tools

  • Monitoring and instrumentation

  • Source control and bug tracking

  • Databases and common server components

  • All listed integrations are supported by Datadog

  • Observian's expert monitoring support

Get full visibility into modern applications

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance to provide the best experience for your customers.

  • Trace requests end to end across distributed systems

  • Track app performance with auto-generated service overviews

  • Graph and alert on error rates or latency percentiles

  • Instrument your code using open source tracing libraries

Analyze and explore log data in context

Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data.

  • Automatically collect logs from all your services, applications, and platforms

  • Navigate seamlessly between logs, metrics, and request traces

  • See log data in context with automated tagging and correlation

  • Visualize and alert on log data

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