Docker Orchestration And Cloud Containerization With Observian

Docker is the company driving the orchestration and containerization movement. They are the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud. Today’s businesses are under pressure to digitally transform but are constrained by existing applications and infrastructure while rationalizing an increasingly diverse portfolio of clouds, data centers and application architectures.

Docker enables true independence between applications and infrastructure and developers and IT ops to unlock their potential and creates a model for better collaboration and innovation.

What is Docker?

Docker, Inc. is the company behind cloud computing containerization.  As many business owners can attest, one of cloud computing’s biggest problems is the sheer number of applications that employ it.  These applications can have conflicts with one another and cause issues and disruptions in your processes.

Luckily, Docker provides containerization in order to minimize this problem.  Think of containerization as bagging up a picnic. Rather than trying to carry bread in one hand, peanut butter in the other, and the blanket and jelly on top of your head, you simply put it all in a basket and carry it with ease.

This is what docker does for your cloud solutions.  Using a containerization software like Docker allows your applications to all run in a compartmentalized manner, meaning each container is self-sustaining and does not need to integrate with other applications.  This massively reduces bugs and issues with your processes and automation, which drastically cuts down on runtime and stress for your IT team.

Docker Consulting: Where Can Observian Help?

Observian is the master of getting your cloud solutions implemented properly.  As a cloud consulting firm that specializes in many things (such as Docker), we have what it takes to plan for, educate about, and execute your cloud solution.  If you want your Docker done right, Observian is the way to go. Start today by setting up a free initial call with one of our experts.

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