Observian Partners with Dome9 for Security

The Dome9 Arc agentless SaaS platform delivers full visibility and control of security and compliance in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments. Minimize your attack surface and protect against vulnerabilities, identify theft, and data loss. Request a demo of Dome9 cloud security software with Obserivan today!

What is Dome9?

Dome9 is Check Point Software Technology’s response to one of the most commonly cited issues of cloud computing: security.  By allowing for full visualization of your network topography, Dome9 security gives you a bird’s eye view of potential vulnerabilities in your system.  

Dome9 also utilizes state-of-the-art security technology to ensure that your system is protected from attacks, and can respond properly should one slip through.

With tools like Region Lock, Auto Remediation, and Dynamic Access Leases, your processes will be more protected than ever.

Sounds complicated.  How will I find the time to set this up?

You don’t have to!  That’s the beauty in the Observian + Dome9 security partnership: convenience.  Without having to dump money, time, and your IT department’s sanity into installation and setup, you can keep your business focused on providing the applications and services you’re known for.  Let Observian use its experience and knowledge of cloud computing to help you work out the kinks of installing Dome9 security.  

Start today by setting up a conversation with your experienced cloud specialists.  They’ll get you started with the easiest cloud upgrade you’ll have for a long time.

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