As a Dynatrace solution partner, Observian is now able to bring you seamless software intelligence. Dynatrace provides a variety of features such as baselining your entire IT ecosystem in minutes, digital experience management, and resolving application problems before your customers are impacted. With Dynatrace’s all-in-one platform, you can easily go beyond APM.

Software Intelligence for the Cloud

Dynatrace transforms your cloud experience through exclusive software intelligence. There are a variety of tools and methods that Dynatrace uses to transform your company. These include:

  • Application performance management

  • AIOps

  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • Digital experience management

While all of these are important, digital experience is a primary focus. Dynatrace provides exclusive tools to successfully manage your customer’s user-experience.

Digital Experience Management with Dynatrace

A user-friendly digital experience is necessary for success. With Dynatrace, you can manage performance, impact, and root cause of your customer’s digital experience. This includes session replay which allows you to see exactly what your users see through a movie-like playback feature so you can easily pinpoint and resolve customer issues. By improving user experience and implementing digital experience management, you ultimately improve your bottom line.

Simplify Your Cloud

Dynatrace brings you unique automation and an exclusive AI-engine to improve your enterprise cloud. Learn more about Dynatrace, how it can help your company, and why Observian is proud to be a Dynatrace solution partner.

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