NetApp’s award-winning cloud backup solutions makes it simple to back up and restore your SaaS or on-premises data to the cloud. When combined with Observian, your company can recover from any outage in a heartbeat. Protect your business and all the important information you need with NetApp’s backup solutions.

Features of NetApp’s Cloud Backup

Peace of mind isn’t the only benefit you’ll have from using NetApp with Observian. This state-of-the-art software brings a variety of helpful features:

  • Long-term recovery and archive, even if volume is deleted

  • Backups live in the cloud and are separate from Cloud Volume

  • The stored backups are actual individual copies

  • Restore your data at the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly level

  • Only restore what you need and leave what you don’t

  • After the full backup of data, additional backups are incremental

  • Fully managed backup and restorative service

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what NetApp has to offer in terms of data security, recovery, and backup services.

NetApp’s Backup Solutions Working With Observian

As a NetApp partner, we can help you leverage our cloud analytics solutions to deliver actionable insights at the speed of thought. Well, almost. However, with NetApp and Observian, you can rest easy knowing that all the data and information in your cloud is protected and effectively backed up. We understand that you can’t afford an outage and must maintain nonstop availability for your vital applications. So, keep your company streamlined and protected from the cloud to on-premise data with NetApp and Observian.

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