Reblaze provides a complete, cloud-based, comprehensive and proactive protection shield for web platforms (websites/web applications/API), together with a command and control system.


Additionally, they offer an all-in-one private virtual cloud-based solution (VPC) that includes IPS/WAF, DoS/DDoS protection, BOT detection and exclusion, anti-scraping, CDN and more.

As a result of their unique approach, Reblaze monitors and cleanses the traffic before it reaches the customers' websites, and it can easily integrate with existing security solutions.

The service requires a five-minute setup, zero installation, a single DNS change and can be deployed even under an attack.

Reblaze is fully integrated with AWSGCP, and Azure, being able to build the platform in the clients' environment, ensuring privacy, enhancing the cloud's latency and efficiency, and also, reducing costs of traffic.


Core Technologies: IPS/WAF / Multi-Layer DoS/DDoS protection / Anti-Scraping / High-level ACL / Bot Mitigation - Human Detection / Management Console and Real-Time Traffic Analysis / Layer 7 Load Balancing / A Complete DNS Solution / Global CDN  / API Security / ATO


Advantages / Benefits:

  • All-in-one solution: 

    not different products integrated.

  • Bot Mitigation and DDoS layer 7: 

    selected by Ebay among all the main competitors.

  • Virtual Private Cloud for each client: 

    not a shared environment!

  • Reducing traffic costs: 

    no need to reroute your traffic out and in.

  • Auto-scale technology: 

    no data-centers with limited resources.

  • Highly granular visibility on the traffic: 

    easy to manage all of your environments (multi-clouds and multi-regions).

  • Fully Managed Service: 

    by default.

  • 24/7 high-level HUMAN support.

  • Fixed price.

Please feel free to check the Reblaze website and their blog.

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