Splunk Enterprise is a tool that helps businesses make better decisions based on real-time answers and added business value from machine data. Machine data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organization. It comes in a dizzying array of unpredictable formats and it contains powerful business and operational insights that can help you quickly diagnose service problems, detect advanced security threats, and uncover the fingerprints of fraud.

What is Splunk Enterprise?

Splunk Enterprise is a platform used by companies to get deep, analytical insights into the business. This machine data software produces, collects, and stores thorough information that is then used by enterprise personnel like managers, developers, testers, and executives to make keen business decisions. 

What Splunk Enterprise Can Do For Your Business

Companies will typically start using Splunk Enterprise in one of three ways: cybersecurity information, IT operations management, and software development.

Splunk was originally developed to assist in IT operations. Since IT management is a crucial feature in today's business operations, Splunk uses an application known as IT Server Intelligence (ITSI) to help companies manage large scale IT departments. In addition, cybersecurity becomes a crucial factor in a large company or growing business. Splunk captures and logs potential security threats from devices and software. These security measures can include firewalls, phishing prevention, and user management and behavior. The software uses user behavior analytics (UBA) to prevent both internal and external cybersecurity attacks to your business. Lastly, Splunk is designed to help software development (DevOps) teams to produce quality software more efficiently. It can give the team in-depth insight into use and user behavior changes so that they can obtain better testing and have more effective release cycles. Using Splunk Enterprise is just the beginning of making your business an even better company. Contact an expert today for any questions or inquiries!

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