Sumo Logic

Machine data that makes sense. Sumo Logic SIEM simplifies how you collect and analyze machine data so that you can gain deep visibility across your full application and infrastructure stack. With the Sumo Logic SIEM service, you can accelerate modern application delivery, monitor and troubleshoot in real-time and improve your security and compliance posture. Let this software complement expertise by allowing them to make data-driven decisions so that you don’t have to waste time investigating security and operational issues. Whether you are a data-driven organization or a performance-driven company, Sumo Logic simplifies data analysis for you to meet your business goals and security. Contact an expert at Observian today to see how you can optimize your data infrastructure.

Machine Data And Secure Compliance Solutions

Know what your customers are experiencing as they’re experiencing it. As the team sets out to collect data analytics, they are able to define a set of specification terms in the Sumo Logic application that is compatible with any common data source. This lets the team focus on what really matters and finding solutions fast.

The Sumo Logic platform can be used for a number of business solutions including:

  • SIEM (Security Information And Event Management)

  • PCI and HIPAA audit reporting tool

  • Monitor CIS controls and criterion

  • Accelerating your GDPR

  • CCPA and other data privacy regulations

  • Monitor security controls such as firewall & access controls

  • Mask/encrypt data to protect your corporation from a data breach

Sumo Logic’s software has been designed from the ground up to enable advanced machine learning from Big Data. This allows you to produce rich, accurate outputs with efficiency and simplicity unheard of in data analysis. The sophisticated cloud security intelligence gives you the power to model any structured dataset in an efficient, concise, and scalable way. Ultimately providing you with risk management capability for your modern cloud architecture.

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