Observian partners with Tonaquint for Hybrid Architecture and Server Colocation

Tonaquint Data Center values the opportunity to be Utah’s premiere disaster recovery and server colocation solution for companies throughout the world. Their geographic diversity and robust connectivity allows us to provide unique and profitable solutions to our clients as they look for a safe and secure location and the ability to connect to the world.

What is Tonaquint Data Center?

Tonaquint Data Center is Utah’s data center offering extremely safe and reliable computer space for the purpose of disaster recovery, hybrid architecture implementation, and dedicated server space.  Every Tonaquint Data Center is located in an area that is safe from natural disasters.  In addition, each location is climate controlled and implements fire safety measures to ensure your computing and storage enjoys unmatched reliability and protection.

Tonaquint is the perfect choice for any business that needs additional power without breaking the bank, diverting resources to IT, or relying on on-premises facilities.

What is Tonaquint + Observian?

The partnership between Tonaquint Data Center and Observian represents an important aspect of hybrid architecture: practicality.  We know it can be difficult to learn all of the necessary technical skills required in order to implement a hybrid architecture properly.  That’s why we offer our state-of-the-art education, planning, and execution for all things cloud computing.  Get started today by setting up a (totally free) call with out of our experts.  We’ll have your new hybrid system up and running in no time!

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