Observian Partners with Vera Security for Business Tools

Observian is committed to giving your business the best possible cloud solutions, so that you can continue giving your clients and internal procedures the performance they need at a minimal cost. To achieve this goal, Observian has partnered with Vera, one of the most innovative companies in the cloud security space.

What is Vera?

Vera is a data security software that keeps your sensitive documents and information from prying eyes. It uses military-grade encryption to ensure brute-force hackers and blackhats can’t steal your data. It also utilizes a state-of-the-art control system that enables you to audit your information, revoke privileges, and manage conditional access for any document.

Vera software can be integrated with any existing system, including third party applications like Box, Adobe, and Microsoft Office.  Vera’s cloud automation is known for its ability to secure information and documents without compromising user experience or productivity.

Why Vera Security + Observian?

Vera is an immensely powerful tool to implement into any cloud.  And with Observian leading the implementation, you’ll have the most seamless, bulletproof integration money can buy.  Save money and time by letting Observian do the work for you!

Observian offers a number of cloud services for businesses of all sizes.  Start-ups and blue chips alike can benefit from Observian’s incredible amount of experience in cloud technology.

With services like cloud migration, disaster recovery, and big data analytics, your business will get exactly what it needs for a reasonable price.  Learn more by scheduling a Vera demonstration today! Talk to A Vera Expert

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