Hirogen by Observian

AWS Cognito pentesting tool in an easy-to-use UI! It supports unauthenticated identities, direct registration and login with Cognito User Pools, as well as identities authenticated through Google Federated Auth and Login with Google and Amazon. Once you punch in the basic details, it'll even gather STS credentials for you, do a spot-check on permissions, and expose the AWS command line for each identity right in the UI.

Hirogen App by Observian

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Note: You WILL need the AWS CLI installed in order to send CLI commands. AWS CLI installation guide.

Secret AWSome by Observian

The Secret AWSome app provides an easy and secure integration to help manage your AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store on macOS, Linux, & Windows devices. The Secret AWSome app allows you to easily add or clone parameters to multiple regions with a few clicks. It reads/writes to your local AWS credentials file for easy integration into AWS.

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